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Lightcliffe SKODA Latest News

VIP Event This Weekend


The long awaited Lightcliffe VIP event will take place this weekend between Friday the 19th and Sunday, the 21st of August. The recent shortage of new cars has now eased and customers will have a rare opportunity to buy a brand new car from stock with all the usual incentives and discounts offered…

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Summer VIP Event Scheduled For Next Weekend


The summer VIP event is on its way and has been scheduled for the weekend of the 19th of August. Past two years has seen serious delays in supply lines for new vehicles but at last this shortage seems to be easing brand-new cars are becoming available.  After a long wait the dealership has…

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Lightcliffe Vests Ready For Action


Lightcliffe’s new litter picking sponsorship got off to a flying start last Sunday morning with a team of eight successfully completing a litter pick centred on the dealership.  A huge total of  29 bags were prepared for pick-up by Warrington BC and the pick included some…

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Lightcliffe Helps To Clean Up The Community


With all the technology available to mankind, there is one issue that is seemingly unsolvable and that is litter.    More than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day with Almost 48% of people admit to dropping litter. The amount of litter dropped each year in the…

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VIP Event Scheduled For August


Lightcliffe Skoda is pleased to announce one of the most popular events in it’s annual calendar namely the bi-annual VIP event.   As popular as ever, the event, scheduled for the 19th – 21st August  always represents a great opportunity to meet with some of our…

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Kodiaq Wins Auto Express Large SUV Category Award


The Skoda Kodiaq was again summoned to the podium for yet another best-in-class award earlier this month. Adding to its impressive haul of awards the Auto Express Awards silverware proved again that the car is almost unbeatable in its categories once again. Steve Fowler, Editor In Chief could not be…

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Guests Check Out With A Smile


With an ever-increasing supply of news and information it's not so easy co come up with new ideas to raise the profile of local organisations and business but on the 2nd July this year Lightcliffe Skoda held an event that set a new precedent for public relations.   The Lightcliffe…

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Goodbye To a Dear Friend And Colleague


It’s a well-used phrase which states that a business is only as good as its people, and here at Lightcliffe we are fiercely proud of the amazing team we have built over the past 10 years.    So when Lorraine Grayson, one of our nearest and dearest announced that she was moving on to…

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Only One Week To Go


Lightcliffe has always taken its local community responsibilities seriously and the Lightcliffe Junior Rapid Play Chess tournament which is scheduled for the 2nd July was rewarded with a fantastic article in Warrington Worldwide publication last week. Extensive planning has already taken place…

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Lightcliffe Chess Tournament Gathers Momentum


The Lightcliffe Junior Rapid Play Chess Championship scheduled for the 2nd of July was featured in the Warrington Guardian last week.  Anticipation was already building at the dealership so a feature in the local paper was a real bonus and just added to the excitement.  …

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Chess Tournament Just Over Four Weeks Away


When choosing a place to host a chess tournament, the local Skoda dealership would not necessarily be the first venue that came to mind…..or would it?   The earliest form of the game that’s now called chess can be dated back to India in the sixth century. Like the modern game, this…

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We Source (Nearly) Any Skoda


Its fair to say that the used car market has undergone some significant changes over the last two years. The advent of Covid plus other unwelcome interruptions to the global economy have starved new car manufacturers of essential components, which in turn has hit supply chains. The inevitable…

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