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New Service Plan Offer

Here at Lightcliffe its standard practice to offer our customers a service plan when they buy a new car. Whilst most cynics would think this is just a sales ploy they actually work especially well for the customer. 

How do they work? Well, most plans involve a one-off or monthly payment that covers the cost of a certain number of scheduled services and a reminder is sent when the service is due.

When looking at benefits, avoiding expensive servicing bills is probably the most attractive aspect of the plan and for most people the opportunity to pay for a certain number of services up front or as a fixed monthly fee is appealing. 

In some cases, the plan can even be included in the overall car finance payment so the whole purchase becomes one, straightforward monthly cost.

The price of the services is set at the point of sale, so there’s no worry about parts and labour costs increasing; the customer just books the car in whenever it’s due

Another feature that is often overlooked and possibly the most important one, is that an official Skoda service plan will ensure that the car goes back to a franchised dealership to have the work carried out. This in turn means the customer gets all the main dealer stamps in the car's service book and that genuine parts are used - both reassuring and complimentary to the car’s service history.

In fact the only real downside is a little more cost at the point of purchase. 

All we know at Lightcliffe  is that plenty of customers regret not having a service plan, but we have yet to meet one who does regret it!


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