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Goodbye To a Dear Friend And Colleague

It’s a well-used phrase which states that a business is only as good as its people, and here at Lightcliffe we are fiercely proud of the amazing team we have built over the past 10 years. 


So when Lorraine Grayson, one of our nearest and dearest announced that she was moving on to new pastures, it was always going to be emotional. 


Lorraine, pictured here with her “leaving” pack, has been Sales Administrator at Lightcliffe for 8 years now, and as well as doing a fantastic job of organising the ever more complex sales process, she was also a constant voice of wisdom and reason for the whole team. 


Sales execs would dread being ticked off by Lorraine for missing paperwork for a deal, but equally would welcome a comforting word from her if it was ever needed.


Although staying in the industry, she wanted to embrace some new challenges so is moving on to a larger dealership to manage a team, where we are sure she will acquit herself admirably.


We will all miss Lorraine, but she takes with her our very best wishes for her new role and look forward to seeing her achieve the success she deserves.

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