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Can We Buy Your Car Please?

One of the most significant post Covid issues for our industry has been the dearth of used cars in the market. Although this has been caused predominantly by a pause in new car manufacture, it seems the great British public are opting to avoid public transport and instead looking for a second or in some cases, third car.


Whilst this brings some good news for our industry the downside is that second hand cars are much harder to come by and prices have been inflated as a result.


The price of new cars by contrast has not followed this trend, so the cost of upgrading has suddenly become much cheaper which is great news for our customers.


As a result, Lightcliffe management have allocated some money to fund the purchase of as many new cars as we can buy....so the old adage of "clouds" and "silver linings" hs never been more apt!


We hope you pay us a visit soon!

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