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Ben Blandford Picks Up Best Sales Exec Award

Anyone who visits Lightcliffe Skoda will immediately sense the “esprit de corps” between the sales executives, and one might even assume they were all the best of friends. Whilst this is not far from the truth, they would also be the first to admit that there's nothing like a bit of healthy competition to sharpen the sales instincts, and our professional team of execs at Lightcliffe are no exception to this rule. 

However, some sales executives will defy gravity by consistently breaking records against all odds.

Ben Blandford is one of those executives.    

Winning "Salesman Of The Year” for three years on the bounce is no mean feat and even though there have been more than a few wry smiles at the morning sales meetings this week all of Ben's fellow executives were quick to congratulate their friend and colleague.  

To sell 192 cars in any year is some going, but in the year of lockdown it is an even more remarkable achievement.

In true "Ben" style he will deflect praise and tell you that he is nothing special and impute his phenomenal record to good fortune.

His colleagues on the other hand will tell you quite categorically that this achievement is not luck, but attributed to a calm affable personality, exemplary sales technique and hard work.

Whatever the reason the facts don't lie and Ben's third award in as many years is thoroughly deserved. 

Congratulations from all of us Ben 


* we would like to point out to all our customers that facemasks were removed for the photographs only, and that Covid safe practices are maintained at the dealership at all times.

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