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A Good Time To Budget For Essentials

After a fairly turbulent year for most of us it's safe to say that in true British style we will all make sure we have a good celebration at the end of the year. 

Retail expenditure is always at a record high in the yuletide season and Im sure that we will all be overly generous with giving of gifts and treating ourselves to special celebrations. It is inevitable however that January will come around all too soon along with those credit card bills at which point we may all wish we had spent a little less.

Most people would agree that our motor vehicles are essential part of life - in fact it’s hard to imagine life without them, so the recent announcement from Skoda about the new service plan offers would have been welcome news to most people .... we have all been caught out at some point with an unexpected service bill have we not?

As well as all the usual benefits of service plans being inflation proof, cash flow friendly, and basically one less financial headache to worry about, the opportunity to spread the cost is a must in this day and age especially for customers with cars that are out of warranty. 

All Lightcliffe Škoda customers have recently been sent an email with a link which allows these discounted plans to be set up online removing the need to visit the dealership or pick up the telephone – and hopefully providing a more user friendly and convenient process all round.

We are of course always here to help those of you who prefer the personal contact but as most of us use online services these days the opportunity to click a few buttons on the iPad on mobile whilst sitting in one’s favourite armchair must be very tempting.

However, you choose to do it, the current offer is very compelling and we hope you will all take advantage take at least some of the sting out of those Christmas bills. 

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